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Corrine Ellison

Heart surgery to ironman

I first got in touch with Martin when I was looking for guidance with my first ironman. This was an important goal for me to aim for after having open heart surgery aged 27.  I was a real newbie to the sport and having only completed a couple of races, I was far from an average triathlete. Martin was nothing but supportive of my ambitions. I had a history of a heart problem which meant coaching me was never straight forward. Martin was strict about following medical advice, made me always listen to my body, but never shied away from pushing me when needed. His sense of humour and matter of fact style of coaching makes you feel reassured that you are safe in capable hands. I achieved results of completing my first half ironman, improving my confidence in each discipline and my ultimate goal of Ironman Austria. Having a coach meant that my training was structured, sensible but also pushed me to my limits. Regular contact and feedback on each training session gives you a feeling of having someone to answer to for everything!  Martin has a way of making you see sense in any situation. He allows you to talk through your greatest aspirations, pushes you to achieve them, whilst keeping your feet firmly on the (injury-free) ground!

Ben Wickham

From mojoless to PB!

I had totally plateaued as a runner when I met Martin, but as soon as we started working together I made swift and steady progress towards my goal of going sub 34mins for 10k. Martin has a unique ability to seek out and explore the edge of your limits, even when that seems unachievable. But perhaps more importantly, through his coaching, I've learnt to listen to my body. These days I know instinctively when to push, and when to ease. I barely look at my watch in a race, but find it much easier to run to my full potential, and more than once achieving a PB (including that sub 34 10k) totally on feel. Having broken through that barrier, Martin has got me into the form of my life, ready to do some serious damage to the big one, the marathon PB!

Matt Rogan

Thanks to Martin, I smashed my goals.

Running is really important to me in order to give me some balance out my busy work and family life. 4 years ago I was frustrated to be making little progress, and flitting around with various endurance sports. I set out with goal to qualify for Boston Marathon. I made it - I ran the race in 2014 having cut 14 minutes from my marathon time, 5 from my half marathon….the list goes on!

Martin helps me make my training complement not compete with the rest of my hectic life. I know that in the time I have available I am doing everything I can to improve. And just as importantly, we have a laugh along the way!

Austin Swain

British Sprint triathlon champion 2014. 2:48 marathon aged 49!

Martin has been my coach over the past 3 years and I have always felt that he has been right with me every step of the way throughout that time.

The consistency of his support has been remarkable and he is clearly someone who cares deeply about his athletes, both in terms of their performance and their well being. His capacity to ask the right questions, listen and interpret perceptively are well honed skills and I have benefitted massively.

He has skilfully ensured that my compulsive-obsessive disorder is kept in check(!) such that my whole approach and mind set to training AND competition is much more conducive to sustainable performance. The fact that I am still managing to eek out performance improvements (at my age) is a function of his holistic view and I feel my triathlon ‘career’ has many years of exciting opportunities ahead of it.