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Who we are

Yelling Performance is a sports coaching consultancy established by Olympian and Commonwealth Games medalist, Liz Yelling and husband Martin Yelling. We offer a range of coaching and consultancy services to individuals, groups, organisations, events, corporates and charities.

  • Bespoke personal coaching
  • Corporate team coaching
  • Charity team coaching
  • Event consultancy
  • Writing, presenting and media
  • School and club visits
  • After dinner speaking
  • Club coaching workshops
  • Training days for individuals and groups

Our thinking

Let us help you achieve your impossible!

  • We believe in the passion and potential inside everyone and are committed to supporting our clients reach their goals.
  • We strongly believe in the value of personal relationships.
  • We build on what already works, encourage strengths and help people see opportunities.
  • We seek to foster optimism, increase and harness positive energy and challenge people to reach higher at the right moments.
  • We value and encourage personal growth, empowerment, self awareness, confidence, self efficacy, courage, and dedication.
  • We have a genuine passion and personal belief that the active lifestyles can help people lead happier lives.
  • We have strong sets of coaching experiences, high levels of skill, academic, educational and professional backgrounds.
  • We seek out and encourage the greatness in others.
  • We have a wealth of experiences to draw upon from our history of competing at world class levels in sport
  • We have excellent communication skills and are effective at sharing our knowledge.
  • We may be ‘elite’ but we are not elitist.
  • We have the ability to educate, motivate, empower and inspire others.
  • We believe people can always achieve more than they think they can.
  • We listen, are mindful, appreciative, and honest.
  • We stir people to accomplish more and achieve their impossible!